Shehar is a map for cities with a hundred histories, through the lens of fashion and culture. Its affordable and luxury fashion reverses into a future in which menswear might uplift the aesthetic aspirations and sensibilities of a new generation of young men. A future which respects the past.

Making use of textiles and silhouettes that are classic and familiar to many, Shehar hopes to provide relevant new choices for men who are keen to explore the possibilities of expressing themselves through fashion in gentler, more rooted ways. While doing so, Shehar hopes to simultaneously document the unique rhythm of smaller Indian cities through its campaigns and storytelling over time.


For its designer Akshat Bansal, known for his future-friendly and beyond-gender approach to fashion via Bloni, this new menswear brand is a part of his larger dream for Indian fashion; one that can elevate the aesthetics that people aspire to, in a way that pays heed to both past heritage and present needs.


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