As they return to their roots in lieu of a milestone celebration, this campaign follows the journey of four young men as they journey back to the place they once called home. Reflection, adventure, and celebration follow as each one renews their relationship with the city of Hisar.

‘Hisar, A Homecoming’ is a tribute to one of India’s many smaller cities that are often ignored for their larger, more densely populated cousins. Life may be slower here, but no less rich, as we at Shehar hope to showcase through the lens of modern, minimal menswear and culture.

Four young men journey home, unsure exactly what awaits them when they arrive.

Hisar is the place where they formed their first bonds; it’s the place which holds secrets to their past. What will they take with them when they leave, and what will they leave behind?

On the train which returns them to their roots, they share secrets between laughs. One admits he is no longer the boy he was when he left. Another is unsure if he will be accepted by the family he left behind. One is excited by the milestone celebration that awaits them, and the other wonders if the things he missed most will still be exactly as they were?

All fears are put to rest by friendships which still feel familiar. Tender and tough in equal parts.

The next few days are a whirlwind of rituals and reflection, adventure and abandon, celebration and conversations that don’t seem to end. The night of the wedding, everything is alive. As the boys walk their friend to the door of his future, they look over their shoulders with renewed perspective.

It must be them who will draw a map to the red, beating heart of a city with a hundred histories. It will be them who create its new future.




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